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7 Tips for Choosing Invitations

   Invitations set the tone for your event! The idea behind invitations is they should get people excited and anticipate your event. You want your invitations to provide all the details and logistics about your function and you want them to show your event personality.


Here are a few things to consider when choosing invitations for your next event:

1. It needs to define your event style: Consider the style and perhaps the theme of your event. If you are hosting a Cat and the Hat birthday party for your son, then you need invites that match that color theme or the character itself.

 2. Know your colors: If this is your wedding, think about the colors in your wedding. Invitations can be designed in all colors and in different color combinations. You can color the card stock an invitation comes on to the actual color of the font.


 3. Don’t crowd the invitation: List only the key points like date, time, location, dress code is optional, and RSVP information. You can always include a separate sheet for directions and registry information if necessary.

 4. Count the Households: Everyone does not need an invitation if they live in the same house. This cuts down on cost and the waste of invitations. Husband and wife, cohabiting couples, and families with children who are invited do not need separate invites. However, guests over 21 living at home, should receive their own invites.

 5. Order Extra: It’s expensive to go back to the printer to print more invitations, because the best prices are usually for bulk amounts. So just in case, order at least 25 extra. You may have to resend an invitation or you may want to have some for keepsakes.

 6. Don’t forget the rest of the suite: If this is a wedding or shower, you may need menu cards, thank you cards and RSVP cards. When ordering from stationary companies, the invite that you select may also have a matching set of suite mates (menu card, table numbers, RSVP cards and thank you cards). Check for those too, you will need them.

 7. Proofread: Check the invitations 3 times yourself and have two other people check the invitations. You don’t want to have 200 invitations printed with the start time of your wedding listed as 4:00 am instead of 4:00 pm. Having other eyes read it is an added plus because sometimes our eyes trick us to believe a word is there just because our brains know what we want to say. Proofread it before you print it!


For more invitation tips, Contact me! I’ll help you choose the best invitations!