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New Year & Newly Engaged! What’s Next?!!

Happy New Year!! I hope that you all enjoyed the Holiday season and used some of our tips to host some of your best parties! It’s a new year and therefore, new reasons to celebrate!

This week’s entry is for the ladies who got engaged this holiday season! First, let me say CONGRATS! You’ve got a great man, he took the fabulous Beyoncé’s advice and put a ring on it!tumblr_mm8qdbDahE1s50bd6o1_500

What now?!! I know you are very excited, because this is one of the greatest moments anyone can experience in life. Excitement can sometimes have you all over the place. You just can’t figure out where or how to begin. Rest assure, I am here to help you with all of the details that come with your big event.

First, along with your fiance’, decide when you want to have your ceremony. This will help determine the length of your planning process. If you want a date  16 months or less from your engagement, start now.

Destination-Wedding-Photo-from-www.destinationnow.com_Decide where you want to get married. The actual details like, St. Corinthians church on 53rd street, are not as important today as they will be in a few more months into planning. Information like whether you want a wedding locally, in another city, or a destination wedding that would require passports and extensive travel arrangements require a decision  now. For example, a destination wedding will require booking as soon as possible, also you will need to inform your guests of the details as they need to plan for this exciting time as well.  A local wedding offers many of your necessary resources right at your fingertips. Out of town weddings are similar to destination weddings because they are typically in places where the majority of your guests do not live, including you and the groom.

calulatorDecide on a budget, you can do this before the previous step or concurrently. It is important to be realistic when creating this budget. You two know yourselves better than any wedding planner, friend or family member. You know what you can afford.  If you are paying for your own wedding,  take into account how much you already have saved and how much more you could possibly save  prior to your wedding.   Consider what you want from your wedding day. If you know you want three dress changes, a band, a DJ and a photo booth, I’ll tell you now, $15,000 is not enough for that wedding to take place in Chicago. Also, take into consideration your approximate guest size. Remember, you have to feed all the invited guests. Scale back on the number of guests or increase your budget accordingly. Still need help with appropriate budgeting? Contact my company and we can provide you with budget assistance.

Also considering ring insurance! These are the first symbols of your upcoming nuptials. Whether your wedding is this year or two years from now, anything can happen, you want to have your rings on the  wedding day! Buy insurance!

Here is the fun part! Begin the dress search! This is especially important for us women who have no idea what we want! It’s never too early to shop for your wedding dress! As long as you have the ring, you can get the dress! weddingdressshopping

Set up appointments at local or out of state bridal boutiques and go in and try on different dresses! If anyone has ever seen TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, you want to bring a friend and some close family members.  In my professional opinion, bringing more than four people to a dress consult can hinder this very special moment.  Take people who’s opinion you value, take people who will not just yes you  and who will give an honest and genuine opinion based on what is best for you. Leave the hater friends at home!! You know who they are! You love them dearly, but they can hate sometimes, (you instantly thought of her, lol) Bring people who will help you stick to your budget and if needed might even pull out their own checkbooks! You can also do some research on the internet before going into an actual boutique. If you find a dress, get the name of the dress and designer. Print out a photo of the dress. Make sure the stores you plan to visit carry that designer’s dresses.

Last but not least, hire a wedding planner. A common misconception about hiring a wedding-planner-2wedding planner  is that when you hire one, everything you have always wanted goes out the window and the planner then does whatever they want. That couldn’t be furthest from the truth. You wouldn’t need to pay a planner to give you their dream wedding. You’re paying for help in bringing your dreams for your day to life. Wedding planners are wedding professionals. They are experienced when handling wedding business. Planners know the best vendors to fit your needs and budget. They know how to bring to life what you have been dreaming about for most of your life. Your initial meeting with your wedding planner should lay out as much of your desires for this special day as possible. It is also  time to identify if this planner is right for you and your day. After all, you will be spending a great deal of time with them over the next year. Based on your budget and your wishes, a planner will provide you with options and you should be able to choose which vendor you want to work with. Planners will and should make suggestions, but it’s ultimately up to you, because it’s your wedding . Planners can surprisingly be less expensive than you think. Some planners will set their price based on your budget and your needs. Then there are some, who have a set fee for what you are requesting from them. Remember, you can have a planner their for as little or as much help as you need. Talk to one today!

You can contact Plan the Day Event Services for a free consultation. They will be able to provide you with any help you need for your big day!

These are just a few of the things you can do as soon as you get engaged! It’s an exciting time for you. Start your planning early, to ensure you have the best of everything that you want for your big day!

To request an extensive wedding planning timeline, shoot us an email and we’ll send you one! Mention this blog posts in your request!

Happy Planning! 🙂

Vendor Spotlight: iCannye Artistry

 For just about any special event in a woman’s life, she wants to look good. From a woman’s hair looking good, makeup flawlessly done and on to her nails, these are the things that compliment the special moments in her life. This week’s Vendor Spotlight, highlights a woman who has made a successful business right here in Chicago, out of making women look good for all occasions. To her clients she is known as iCannye!

 iCannye can do it all! She does awesome nails, spectacular hair, awesome weaves and will beat a face to the heavens!! She is remarkably talented. Not only has she made a name for herself among us beauty enthused “Chicagoians”, she even has celebrity clientele!

 Just recently, iCannye did the makeup for Beyonce’s lead backup dancer Ashley Everett. That makeup was featured in JET Magazine. Everett even took to Instagram to acknowledge her glam team for her day in Chicago and our girl iCannye was there, as the makeup artist!

 When talking to iCannye about her skill, she says that she is not the average stereotype when it comes to her artistry. She went on to say “I have and will continue to study the science of who I am and what I do!” She is a licensed professional ladies!

 iCannye showcases her work on Instagram and Facebook. Often she shows the before and after of her transformations and each time she wows her audience with her breathtaking work.

 Chicago singer, Tykelia Waddell used iCannye for her makeup for the cover of her single Lord, I Thank You! She gave her a  look that was so beautiful, even Tykelia’s closest friends and family were amazed by the singer’s enhanced look.

“I had a great experience working with iCannye! She was humble, creative, and professional. I was privileged to have my makeup done by her, I didn’t want to take it off!” — Tykelia Waddell

iCannye aims to give skilled transformations that are sure to enhance your outer as well as your inner beauty; the right way! iCannye does makeup, hair and nails for all occasions, so if you are in need of a makeover or just a new weave, check her out!

 Want to be”iCannyed”? Click here to book her.  Other ways to stay connected to her: follow her on Twitter @iCannyeArtistry, “Like”her business page on Facebook: iCannye Artistry and catch her on Instagram: iCannye Artistry.

Check out some of her transformations right here: