Tips for Hosting your Best Thanksgiving Part 1: The Ambiance

ThanksgivingheaderThanksgiving is usually focused on the scrumptious foods and drinks. As an event planner, I’m thinking, what about the ambiance? Is the room decorated? What does the table look like? I know you’re probably saying, “I will have worked all night and day in the kitchen, I’ll pass” Don’t! Creating the thanksgiving theme throughout your home in more than just the dinner will make your meal even more worth all the hours of tears and sweat you put into it. Not to mention, the pictures you show to brag on your holiday efforts will be lovely to look at it.

Here are few ideas for creating Thanksgiving ambiance:

Set the table: It’s a general Thanksgiving tradition that you eat with your family and friends at a large table on Thanksgiving. Why not set the table? Make it pretty and give your guest something to admire while you put the finishing touches on dinner. Check out some of these “tablescapes”.

I love the pattern on the tablecloth! The blue accessories bring out the blue in the tablecloth and it is a perfect combination with the color orange that is usually associated with Thanksgiving decor!
Isn’t it amazing how in July these same colors represent our patriotic celebration? However, here it is used as a beautiful display for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. The rich red runner resembles the red colored leaves in the Fall. Great combination!
Love the angle of this photo! They used gold chargers underneath the white plates which brings out the orange in the napkins perfectly! The pattern in the runner is wonderful for lush ambiance of the candles and plants placed on it. This is beautiful eye candy for the table!

Decorate the room: Now, that you have set the table, don’t forget the rest of the room. Before your guests even reach the dinner table the room has to speak Thanksgiving!  Pumpkins here, an acorn or two there… Here are some decorating ideas:

Here are two ways you can use candles to brighten your decor. Cranberries are a sign of fall and the holidays as well as acorns! Place them both as a mix around the candles or do as shown in the pictures! Place these around the room or even add them to your table! 
Love the way they used the wine glasses as a candle holder. I’ve seen this done all over for different occasions by changing the candle size and color! Love it here!
Grab your Fall favorites and throw them in a decorative bowl and you have a beautiful Fall piece!

Do something: Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect on things you are thankful for. Set aside a time during your festivities to share them in fun and creative ways! Here are a few:

It’s called the Gratitude Jar! Simply print a label for your jar and fill it full of your family’s responses to a series of fun and unique gratitude prompts. Connect them in a chain-like manner to create a Gratitude chain! Click the picture for the free “printables”!
Don’t forget the kids! Give them something to do while the adults are chatting during dinner! Click the photo for the free printable!
You can use your place mats as a place where people can write out what they are grateful for. Then go around the room and have the person sitting to the left of each person share their neighbors blessings!

Hosts, I hope that you have gained lots of ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner! Decorations are for more than Christmas! Every event you throw should have some type of ambiance created by you, the fabulous host!

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s post on more ways to kick up your Thanksgiving!

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