Fun Halloween Ideas for the Kids!

I have been pondering over some ideas I could use as a treat for my family and friends for the Halloween season. Then I came across some fun activities, added my own twist and decided to share with my Plan the Day Friends as well.

I call them Halloween Prep party ideas! Since Halloween falls on a weeknight, most kids only have time for trick or treating and the time spent going through all their delectable treats, so here are some ideas to spread the momentum until the day comes.

You can spread these out during the week, completing a different activity every day until Halloween or just choose one day as your Halloween Prep Day!

Pumpkin Decorating: Forget the normal carving or just painting a scary or silly face on your pumpkin, Glam it up! Spray your pumpkin with adhesive,  and throw some glitter on  for a sparkle that won’t quit! You can also use thumbtacks on the pumpkins to create a cute design. Or try spray painting a pumpkin to create a metallic pumpkin, a one of a kind design! Whatever you select, make it GLAM!

Caramel Apples: Caramel apples are just as much a sign that Fall is upon as Halloween itself. It’s also a sweet treat that you can customize in so many ways! Purchase some red or green apples, caramel, chopsticks and anything you can think to stick to the apples. Children will love that they can have it their way at more than just Burger King. You can put chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips anything your child can think of! Not only will they taste scrumptious but they will look great too!

Personalized Trick or Treat Bags: Get the kids ready for trick or treating. Grab fabric markers, purchase some blank tote bags, and let the kids create the ultimate expression of Halloween in their own way! Encourage them to design the bags to match their costumes or to explain what Halloween means to them through art! You can find the materials for this idea at your local craft store or an online craft store.

Color Your Own Halloween Friend “Trick-Or-Treat” Tote Bags

Color Your Popcorn: Popcorn is such a fun treat and you can do so much with it. Add some color and awesome flavors to turn the popcorn up a notch! Go orange!! I found a great recipe so that you and the little ones can turn your popcorn into a Halloween themed treat! Goblin’s Orange Popcorn Recipe 

 Halloween Movie Night: You can end your prep day with Halloween themed movie or  end your trick or treating  with this Halloween favorite activity! Grab your orange popcorn and watch some kid friendly Halloween Movies! Don’t forget my personal favorites Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and of course Harry Potter!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween from your friends at Plan the Day Event Services! 

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