Vendor Spotlight — Jordy Cakes


This week’s vendor spotlight highlights an extraordinary baker! Not only does she bake awesome tasting cakes but the design of each cake compares to no cake you have ever seen or had.

 Just 19-years old, Jordyn Gaines bakes her delicious creations right in Homewood,IL. According to Dominique Gomilla, a recent Jordy Cake’s client, “These cakes are the same quality as your top bakery!” Gomilla recently purchased a Minnie Mouse themed cake for her daughter’s 1st birthday party from Jordy Cakes.


Gaines often says when showcasing her work on social media, that Minnie Mouse themed cakes are often requested, but like all of her cakes, each one is an original. No cake is ever the same!

Not only does she make cakes for birthdays, she makes cakes for weddings, baby showers, graduations, and for any event you could ever need a cake!

Jordy Cakes also creates scrumptious cupcakes and cute cake pops, sometimes as accompaniments to a cake.

Followers of her work on Instagram say, she is simply the best and she can make anything out of cake!

 So if you are looking for a fun and creative cake for your next event check her out! You won’t be let down!

Visit her website at or Follow her on Instagram @Exjordynary. When you are ready, just shoot Jordyn an email to place an  order

Don’t believe she can make anything out of cake? Check out some of her work here!

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